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Best graphics card under 200 (80+fps) full review

You have 200 dollars or less to buy your next GPU. I’m just showing the price and then jump into the benchmarks. In this, I am going to give the best list of graphics card under 200. And show you guys the performance per dollar for all of these graphics cards. So the top 5 GPUs that cost 200 dollars or less.

You can get your hands on in 2020 first, let’s start off with the new category. Where I was able to find five GPUs that I think represent very good and value right now. 

Then we’ll move on to use where I was able to find for different GPUs that I think offer relatively good value still to this day.

All right so starting with new GPUs in order from highest performance to lowest performance as according to Hardware.

Unboxed numbers at 1080p now once I’ve gone through all five of these cards.  I will go ahead and choose what I think is the best purchase that you could possibly make for under $200 of course. if your budget can allow it.

Top 5 best graphics card under 200 in 2020.

In this list, you get those graphics card which will give you very good performance at 1080p gaming without moving forward from this budget.

  1. Amd Rx 5500 XT

Amd Rx 5500 XT

Gigabyte, now this card came out not that long ago and originally it was really disappointing in comparison to the cards available.

However, there has been a slight price reduction since then and now it can be on Newegg for a hundred and eighty dollars now.

When looking at 1080p performance this comes in at 88 frames per second which are pretty good on Ultra settings. According to hardware on box numbers of 12 games tested.

I’d have to go with the RX 5500 XT with a caveat that caveat being that the RX 5000 series is still experiencing some black screen issues. So if you’re not willing to put up with that sort of a gamble whatsoever.

  1. Gigabyte GTX 1660 best graphics card under 200 with 80 fps.

Gigabyte GTX 1660 best graphics card under 200 with 80 fps

GTX 1660 which surprisingly is still available now it can be had for quite a bit cheaper on Newegg at a hundred and ninety dollars.

It does have a pretty good performance of 80 frames per second at 1080p Ultra settings.

  1. AMD Rx 580 best graphics card under 200 with 74 fps at high settings

AMD Rx 580 best graphics card under 200 with 74 fps at high settings

Rx 580 gigabyte yes that’s right Polaris is still around in kicking and it’s still pretty damn good right now. It can be had on Newegg for as little as hundred and sixty dollars.

It does give a pretty good framer at 1080p Ultra settings of 74 frames per second next up it’s a really great deal.

I mean it’s hard to find something with that big of a frame buffer and can push that high of a frame rate at 1080p to this day.

Once again my only concern with this card would be it could have been mined on the RX 580s were notorious for being great mining cards so you always have to be careful about.

 Who’s selling it and what they say in the description about. This is the best graphics card under 200.

They use the card for now, of course, everyone can always lie but most people are actually fairly trustworthy on eBay especially if they have a really good rating.

Rx 580 this card is 8 gigabytes as well so that’s a pretty big frame buffer and for only a hundred and five dollars on eBay as well now. According to hardware inbox, this gets.

  1. ASUS GTX 1650

AMD Rx 580 best graphics card under 200 with 74 fps at high settings

We have the pretty new actually GTX 1650 super. This comes in at a pretty reasonable price of a hundred and sixty dollars just the same as the RX 588 gigabyte. This is the best graphics card under 200.

Of course, the RX 580 has more VRAM and surprisingly according to hardware unboxed at 1080p. At ultra settings, it did score one frame per second more than the 1650 super.

 However, you do have to take into account that 1650 super uses up quite a bit. Less power so getting one frame per second less that’s not too bad for the same price.

A whole lot of video memory but their performance is really great right now and their power draw is really low as well. So if you’re looking for a new video card you’re not willing to look at anything used.

  1. AMD Radeon RX 570

AMD Radeon RX 570

It is hard to choose between these two. Finally, we have the old Rx 570 gigabyte. This one’s still around and kicking as well and can be had for as little as a hundred and twenty dollars on new egg. It gives you 62 frames per second on 1080p Ultra settings.

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