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5 Best graphics card for 4k ultra setting gaming

What’s the best graphics card for gaming at 4k. That’s actually a great question because 4k monitors and 4k gaming, in general, have really come down in price and recent years 4k gaming used to just cost 200 to 300 bucks.

You’d have to get the highest heed graphics card to even think to start to be able to play at 4k resolution and even then you’d have to make visual compromises.

That’s no longer the case you can find 4k monitors going first cheapest two or three hundred bucks sometimes which is great.

All graphic cards require 6 pins or 8 pin power connector. Without this connector, these graphics card doesn’t work well.

Zotac Nvidia RTX 2080ti 11GB graphics card

Best graphics card for 4k gaming

This graphics card is a real king 4K gaming and video editing if you want to get maximum settings for 4K it will perform around 70 frames in high-end games.

 but if you want it to use this graphics card with rare tracing then your graphic card will perform around 70 frames rates in a high-end game.

Performance of this graphics card

If you want to increase frame rate then you have to low down some of the settings but if you do so then the graphics card will give you 70-80 frame rates which are really amazing for playing games.

In this graphics card, you will get 4352 Cuda cores which are the maximum cores available in any  Nvidia graphics card.

And as per the boost clock, you will 1635 Mhz which helps you to play games at 4K settings and you will get much better frame rates as compared to other graphic cards from other brands.

Nvidia RTX 2080 super

rtx 2080 super flipkart

This is another amazing graphics card from Nvidia after RTX 2080 Ti the Veeram of this graphics card is ddr6 which helps you to play games very fast.

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But as per the performance of it is slightly less than our RTX 2080 Ti version but the VRAM of this graphics card is faster than RTX 2080 ti

Performance of RTX 2080 Super

This graphics card also has 11 GB Veeram which is similar to Rtx 2080ti. But if you want  more fast speed from your graphic card you should buy RTX 2080 super

As per Cuda core, you will get a slightly lesser Cuda course from RTX 2080 ti as it performs slightly lesser from that graphic card.

And the base and boost clock of this graphics card is also lesser then RTX 2080 ti. That’s why this graphics card performs slightly slow as compared to RTX 2080ti.

But the benefit is that you will get it for a lesser price and if you want to play games on 4K high to ultra settings this graphics card will help you to play without any lag and stutter.

AMD Radeon VII graphics card 

AMD Radeon VII graphics card 

This graphics card is an amazing graphics card from AMD this graphics card performs really good in terms of gaming. As you will get 60+ frames rate while playing on 4K ultra settings.

In this graphics card, you will get the maximum Vram available in a list  that is 16GB GDDR 6 which helps you to maintain  stable frame rates while playing a high-end game on 4K resolution with ultra settings

Performance of this graphics card

In this graphic card, you will get 3840 Stream processors which are really good for gaming and video editing purposes if you want to do with it editing it helps you.

The power requirement of this graphic card is slightly higher you have to buy  600 plus What power supply for better performance from it.

This is the only graphic card that is available with PCIe 4.0  this is the latest version of PCIe available for the graphics card which AMD gave in this graphic card.

MSI RTX 2070 super

rtx 2070 super flipkart

This graphic card is also a good gaming graphic card from any video it has the latest DDR6 version Vram Which helps you to play games faster and smoother.

It has 11 GB DDR 60 which is even faster than RTX 2080. It has 2500 Cuda cores which are slightly less than RTX 2080 but the boost clock base clock is almost similar to RTX 2080 so which makes it more powerful.

As the price to performance this graphics card is better then RTX 2080. But you will get some lesser frames as compared it RTX 2080.

If the price doesn’t matter for you then you should purchase RTX 2080ti which is on the first number on our list.

Performance of this graphics card

As per the performance of this graphic card, you will get 40 to 55 FPS when you are playing at 4K Ultra settings these are slightly lesser than RTX 2080 is gives around  4-5% more performance from this graphic card but the price is around 20% higher.

If you are at 2k  Ultra settings then the performance is quite similar to RTX 2080 and Vram is slightly faster than there is no point to buy RTX 2080 with the higher prices.

AMD Rx 5700 XT graphics card

msi Radeon rx 5700 xt gaming

This is another AMD graphic card for FPS around 4260 in gaming at 4K settings. You can also play the games at 4K Ultra settings but can face some lag and stutter.

In this graphics card, you will get 2560 stream processors which are fast for playing games at 4k setting with this graphics card.

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The price of this graphics card is also lesser than every graphics cad available in this list of graphics cards for 4K.

This graphics card also supports the latest PCIe 4.0 technology which helps to get more frames while gaming at higher settings.

Performance of Rx 5700 XT graphics card

The performance of this graphic card is also good you will get 40 to 50 4K high settings.  this is the cheapest graphics card in our budget which performs really well the prices around $400 and it gives an amazing performance at this price.

So if you want to get more performance you have to increase your budget if you have less budget for 4K gaming you can buy this graphic card which will give you the best value for your money.


If you want the best performance and you don’t care about the price of the graphic card then you should buy I RTX 2080 ti

But if you care about the budget and  you want a graphic card around $500 to $600 you can buy RTX 2080 super

And if you want the lowest price 4K gaming graphic card then you can buy RX 5700 XT graphics card

Here’s 5 best graphics card  for 4K gaming

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